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4 Exercises That Will Get You the Body You Want in No Time

Woman's back, muscular

Lets be honest, who doesn’t want a tighter butt or a more defined set of abs? The thought of our body moving as a whole and not jiggling all over the place (even after we have stood still for a few seconds) is widely … [Read More...]

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Poor Man’s Mussel Pasta

Muscle Pasta

This cheap and easy pasta is packed full of flavor is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold night, or soothe you after a night of celebrating. I have been making this pasta for years and its simplicity and warmth comforts … [Read More...]


I thought I was doing everything right, feeding my kids lots of fruits and veg, good food, I thought, but they were always sick….Jenny very kindly educates, without me even realizing it, I leave a session with her full of knowledge, things I thought I knew have be redefined.  The word “fresh” has a whole new meaning to me now.  Because of Jenny’s patience and knowledge my family is on the right path to a healthy lifestyle!