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4 Exercises That Will Get You the Body You Want in No Time

Woman's back, muscular

Lets be honest, who doesn’t want a tighter butt or a more defined set of abs? The thought of our body moving as a whole and not jiggling all over the place (even after we have stood still for a few seconds) is widely … [Read More...]

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Poor Man’s Mussel Pasta

Muscle Pasta

This cheap and easy pasta is packed full of flavor is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold night, or soothe you after a night of celebrating. I have been making this pasta for years and its simplicity and warmth comforts … [Read More...]


I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny at a critical stage of my life when I was struggling with sports training. Jenny started from ground zero and helped me look at nutrition and health in a new, inspiring and most importantly, a holistic manner. She is committed in getting to know her clients individually. Throughout the journey, she provides step-by-step guidance through additional reading materials to build your knowledge base. She is super supportive to all clients, even the ones with never ending questions… me. She does not put me on crazy dreadful diets, instead taught me to read labels and introduce healthier options in my diet, leading to results that will last a lifetime.